20 Feb, 18h
PHPSrbija Meetup #30
KC Grad
Nitpicking terminology: are we using wrong terms?
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Zdravo svete #30,

Pozivamo vas na februarski PHPSrbija Meetup. :)

Molimo vas da dođete ranije oko 17:30h i ne zaboravite da uradite RSVP, jer kao i uvek delimo poklone!

Posebno hvala kompaniji HelloWorld (https://www.helloworld.rs/) , koja je sponzorisala PHPSrbija Meetup #30!


Nitpicking terminology: are we using wrong terms?

While we are developers, first and foremost we are human beings, terms and their misrepresentation do influence our daily lives and ways we do our work. Is my code violating 'Single Responsibility Principle' or 'Separation of concerns'? Is 'technical debt' comparable to 'financial debt'? Some teams have leaders some have managers, while companies think they are interchangable. Definition of team seems to be completely broken, legacy is a dirty word, project managers seem to manage nothing. This are just some of the topics I want to open and discuss with you...


Predavač: Miro Svrtan

Veteran of PHP affairs, BDD practitioner, devops enthusiast. I started using PHP as a student, back in 1999. At first I worked as a one man band web developer and from there I progressed, via focusing on PHP development in a team environment, to be a senior dev, tech lead & technical analyst. I found much more happiness doing backend stuff so I focus on scalable backends and devops tasks this days.

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