27 Sep, 18h
PHPSrbija Meetup #45
KC Grad
PHPSrbija Meetup #45
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Zdravo PHP Svete!

Pozivamo vas na još jedan PHP meetup - PHP Meetup #45.

Molimo vas da dođete ranije oko 17:30h i ne zaboravite da uradite RSVP!



18:00 - 18:45 Building Startups with PHP & Laravel – Nikola Cvetković

18:45 - 19:30 Where does Laravel fit in the Jamstack concept? – Tihomir Opačić




Building Startups with PHP & Laravel

We’ll talk about the real-life technical hurdles we encountered in the last couple of years working on 2 internal startup products Emitto.io & MotionOps.com.
The stuff you expect, will happen. The stuff you don’t expect, will happen.
In this talk, we’ll touch on:
  • How we fight spammers and hackers of various kind,
  • Infrastructure challenges to support huge peaks of traffic vs 99% of Idle time,
  • Log organization and management to support log querying on AWS
  • How we monitor the performance of the systems
  • Technical lessons learned from the first product that we’re now trying not to make in the second one
  • Why PHP/Laravel is still the Sh*t in 2022.
  • What Laravel core ecosystem services we use and how they work (Vapor, Octane, Sail, etc. )


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Nikola Cvetković

Nikola is a founder of a product development company ProductHive.io.
For the past few years, he has founded and built two early-stage startups: Emitto.io, a Messaging Marketing platform, and MotionOps.com, an all-in-one platform for home-service businesses.
Nikola a MSc of Software Engineering that loves business stuff, as well as tech and spends most of his time, empowering and unblocking teammates. He's In love with complex technical and architectural problems and making complicated stuff look and feel simple.
You might have also seen him host  CODEstantine.com events, the biggest tech conference and meetup community in Nis.



Where does Laravel fit in the Jamstack concept?

Jamstack is an architecture designed to make the web faster, more secure, and easier to scale.” - these words resonate as true for the Laravel framework, as well. The talk will try to answer is there a place for Laravel in the Javascript-driven world of Jamstack. Should a Laravel team strive to adopt this new way of building websites?

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Tihomir Opačić

s a CEO and IT consultant at Photon CMS Inc and Orange Hill Development, a public speaker, podcaster, programmer, and a Youtuber.


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Ključna stvar svake zajednice je medjusobna podrška i deljenje znanja sa kolegama, uz koje napreduju i oni koji pričaju i oni koji slušaju. PHP zajednica moze da se pohvali da ima jednu od najjačih programerskih zajednica u zemlji. Ukoliko želiš da pričaš na PHP meetup-u dovoljno je da se prijaviš na mail [email protected] i mi ćemo te kontaktirati.

Takođe na isti mejl možete da nam pišete ukoliko vas zanima da nam pomognete kao sponzor.



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