24 May, 17h
PHP Serbia 2019 - panel & unconference
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Panel & Unconference
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We are making something different this time on the evening before PHP Serbia 2019 conference. We will host a panel discussion and unconference for the very first time.

Agenda for the night:
17:30 - 18:30 - Panel discussion “Practical Guide to Flocking ElePHPants”,
18:30 - 20:30 - Open space (Unconference).

The panel discussion will be moderated by Mihail Irintchev, Web Dev Team Manager at SiteGround and Organizer at BulgariaPHP UG.
Participants for the night are: Bojana Milašinović, Co-founder & Program Manager at Spacevent; Zeev Suraski, Co-founder and CTO at Zend Technologies and one of the principal authors of the PHP programming language; Derick Rethans, Independent Contractor and Consultant, Author of php|architect's Guide to Date and Time Programming and Co-author of PHP 5 Power Programming.

They will be talking about tech conferences: Social fests for the socially challenged by stereotype. Of course, we all know stereotypes are employed by the ones who don't really know the people they are talking about. Developers are actually much more social than other people believe. Some just need the right social environment to make them feel good. Good conferences bring together a great crowd, create a unique and vibrant environment and work as a social bond. On top of all the great talks, ideas and knowledge, their most important function is creating new friendships. Let's dive deep into the anatomy of a good conference: What are the most essential features it needs? How to get the most of it as a participant? Why is it important to attend conferences? The participants of this panel know quite a few things about conferences as organizers and long-time attendees.
After the panel, unconference (open space) event will be hosted by PHP Serbia 2019 speakers as facilitators: Pauline Vos, Software Engineer & Scrum Master at Werkspot; Ian Littman, PHP Developer and Srdjan Vranac, Founder at Code4Hire Kft.

At the open space, everyone is welcome to pitch talks. By a majority of votes, the actual program of the night will be determined. Also, one track will be reserved for SlideShare karaoke.

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