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"We are excited to see all of you again here at Belgrade Fair, a PHP Serbia home, so to speak. Here we are, at the very long expected SOLIDay, the biggest PHP conference in Serbia ever...."


This is how it all started in the morning of Saturday 30 May. More than 450 attendees from 10 different countries had a very high expectations to learn and exchange their knowlegde on the very hot topic in the world of modern development, called SOLID. Our primary goal was to increase understanding on SOLID principles we all keep hearing about. We really hope the conference was informative, worthwile and that all of you had a great time there as much as we, PHP Serbia team, did.


Since all videos are ready (yes, we didn't forget our promise :)), this is supposed to be a full recap of all the talks. And if you didn't manage to visit the conference, the following materials should fix it.

Milan Petrovic - Humanity - Conference Introduction

Talk #1: Designing a Model Architecture

Speaker: Shawn McCool
Description: Learn how to design and implement an architecture that decouples the varied concerns of your web-application and enables your team to purely model business logic and rules.

Talk #2: Getting started with Dependency Injection

Speaker: Rob Allen
Description: This session will look at what Dependency Injection is, why you should use it and the benefits it provides. It will also show you how to use a Dependency Injection Container to improve decoupling and make your projects easier to test and maintain.

Nico Shenawai - Performance Technologies  

Talk #3: Identity

Speaker: Matthias Verraes
Description: What does identity really mean? Why does identity depend on the observer? Why do we model structure, when we could be modelling lifecycles and change over time? Let’s explore the smallest pattern with the greatest consequences!

ITSerbia Podcast Interview #1 We had a special guests on the conference. Tihomir Opacic and Milos Djekic in front of IT Serbia Podcast interviewed speakers from the first part of the conference.

Talk #4: Sylius under the hood
Speaker: Paweł Jędrzejewski
Description: In this talk Paweł will show how Sylius leverages SOLID principles and give an overview of the architecture. Results achieved by applying good design principles prove that clean code can make a difference.

Talk #5: Extremely defensive PHP

Speaker: Marco Pivetta
Description: Marco shows an example of fragile code, how to fix it, and lastly explains various Poka-Yoke techniques that make our code very hard to break.

Talk #6: The Seven Deadly Sins Of Object Orientation
Speaker: Brandon Savage
Description: Learn what sins are in the context of OOP. How can you avoid falling victim to them. What should you do if they're already in your code. Brandon explains.

ITSerbia Podcast Interview #2 Before the official close, guys from IT Serbia Podcast had a second round of interviews.

Once again, big thanks go to our sponsors, partners and friends. They’ve done an incredibly hard job, which took a lot of time, energy and effort to participate in organising SOLIDay.


A special thanks to SOLIDay general sponsor Humanity; gold sponsors Performance Technologies, Esome; our silver sponsors HelloWorld, ActiveCollab, TopTal and our bronze sponsors Deploy, Business outsourcing services, Arbor, Mainstream and CloudHorizon.


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