Thank you for taking part in PHP Serbia Conference 2016
Autor: Nikola Poša |
  • # Konferencije

It’s been more than two weeks since the PHP Serbia Conference 2016 and we are still under impression of how great this conference was. We have worked hard over the past 7 months, and the effort is definitely worthwhile. More than 500 people from over 15 countries came to hear the talks held by some of the most prominent experts, meet and connect with fellow attendees. Instead of classical recap, in this article we would like to highlight some essential factors that made this conference great.


First off all, huge thanks to amazing and inspiring speakers who did their best in sharing knowledge with the audience. It has been our honour and pleasure to welcome you, hangout with you, and talk about both technical and non-technical topics. It is an indispensable experience.


We would also like to express our gratitude to more than 20 sponsors and friends who helped us organizing a successful conference. Your amazing booths have added a special charm to a beautiful Madlenianum Theatre venue, where people could relax and have fun.


And finally, thank you, the audience, for your support and fact that you have come in such a large number to learn, connect and have a good time. We were amazed by the amount of positive feedback we received during and after the conference. Because of all that, we’ve already started with planning our next conference.

What's more, you can contribute by leaving feedback on event page of the last conference.

Don’t hesitate to let us know about the shortcomings and failures, and what should be done better next time.


Stay tuned for the #phpsrb17 conference scheduled for May 27-28. See you next year, same place, same time!