New chapter of the conferences organization
Autor: Nikola Poša |
  • # Konferencije

Late winter and early spring is the time of a year when “PHP Srbija” traditionally announces some major events. One might think that we have slowed down and relaxed a bit, as there was no indication that anything significant could happen, but quite the contrary, over the past months we have been diligent, we have worked hard in order to offer you a conference bigger and more attractive than any other we have previously organized.


Instead of being thematic, like SOLIDay or T-Day, we decided that our newest conference to be of a general character, like most other global, international conferences. Unlike previous events, the conference will last two days, and the audience will have the opportunity to hear great talks held by some of the most prominent experts. PHP 7, Composer, Doctrine, API development and testing are only few topics that will be covered.


A big event like this one deserves to take place at an exclusive location. This time, we opted for beautiful Madlenianum Theatre located in the Belgrade’s municipality of Zemun. You may be surprised by this decision, but you’ll be convinced that this is a perfect place to hold a conference and we expect that this venue will give a special charm to our conference.


"PHPSerbia Conference 2016" is the official name of the event in our country that you shouldn’t miss. With this conference, our association has opened a new chapter in the organization of events for developers, in order to be alongside with the world famous PHP conferences.